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Taking on the World, One City at a Time

In 2020, just before Level 5 lockdown started in South Africa, I bought my first plane. She is a tiny 2-seater Jabiru, named Bonsai, now based at Eagles Creek. Now we are exploring sunny South Africa from the air. My husband, Iaan, and I recently discovered Rally Flying and we spend almost every weekend flying in different rally races or practicing for the World Rally Flying Championships.

I started this blog to share our flying adventures and competitions as well as information about owning your own aircraft in South Africa and the skills I learnt along the way.


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Navigating our way to France- Part 1

Navigating our way to France- Part 1

After the World Championships in Brits in November 2022, flying seems to pause. We haven’t given much thought to what comes next, and we honestly welcome the breather. Before long, it is time for Rally Nationals again, taking place in March 2023. Why so soon you might ask?...

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